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I'm Krabat  



With Wallenstein (Valdštejn) in Jičín, the 6th Festival of Chateaux and Monastery Theatres was oficially open. During this summer Geisslers will tour various interesting towns in the Czech Republic again and revive former and forgotten theatre locations with exciting shows.


Geisslers Hofcomoedianten started the year with a relationship cabaret about a man, a woman and their unspoken feelings. The new production about bliss and woe is called Kisses and combines Giambattista Marino’s Baroque poetry with contemporary rough dialogues by Ota Faifr. The show premiered on Jan 19th.

The first part of the summer will be dedicated to the German Baroque version of Romeo and Juliet featuring a classic casting, plus the comical character Pickelhering. You can look forward to an interdisciplinary production with original music, dance and lots of love.

Romeo and Juliet will be presented at the 3rd Festival Of Chateau and Monastery Theatres organized this year in southern Moravia in Aug 6-10th. The main show will be introduced by alternating parts of the popular Stilts Trilogy.

Geisslers Hofcomoedianten are proud to present several shows including Romeo and Juliet, Fitzli Putzli, Kisses and more during the established Festival Of Baroque Theatre, Music And Opera, Theatrum Kuks in August 21-25th.

The summer will conclude with a short European tour to Monaco (Aug 27-28th) and neighboring countries (Italy, Germany, …) with The Miser show and Stilts Trilogy.

The last new production of the year will be a “pub” Wallenstein.

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Couple weeks ago, Geisslers Hofcomoedianten returned from
the first US tour entitled Czech Baroque Meets the New World.
The company presented two shows: Stilts Trilogy and The Miser.
Both productions were very well accepted.

Over 3 000 spectators saw in total 12 performances on the East
and the West Coast of the USA. Besides performing,
Geisslers led workshops, met with university students and
faculty and participated in talkbacks with audiences.

The company appreciates very much support of all sponsors,
partners and friends for this great experience.
Thank you!


English website under construction

The Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague awarded 7 contemporary theatre companies with a grant supporting the translation of their websites in English.

Geisslers Hofcomoedianten belong to the lucky ones.

Soon our fans will be able to follow us in English.

Geisslers conquer the USA

Czech Baroque Meets The New World

In October 2012 Geisslers will tour the USA! Crossing the country from East to West and back the American audiences will get a chance to see two shows:

Moliere's The Miser and The Stilt Trilogy.

10/6, 1:40 pm, 3 pm and 4:25 pm - Stilts Trilogy – 14th Czech Street Festival, Czech Center New York

10/10, 6:45 pm - Stilts Trilogy – Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Green Stage Show, Ashland (OR)

10/12 and 10/13, 8 pm - The Miser – Carlo Theatre, Blue Lake (CA)

10/15, 7:30 pm - The Miser – Chapel at Lewis&Clark College, Portland (OR)

10/16 and 10/17, 7:30 pm - The Miser – Portland State University, Portland (OR)

10/18, 7:30 pm - Stilts Trilogy - Lewis&Clark College, Portland (OR)

10/20, 11 am and 3 pm – Stilts Trilogy - Mutual Inspiration Festival, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Washington D.C.

10/21 11 am and 3 pm - Stilts Trilogy – Kids European Festival, La Maison Francais, Washington D.C.




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